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About Us

Family Owned and Operated!

John and Eileen Kim fell in love with the Adirondack Mountains and the beautiful resort town of Lake George.  They decided to move to Lake George with their three young children in 1989, soon after which they purchased the Lyn Aire Motel in 1991.  They lived and raised their children on the motel grounds, building a home with a connected office in the middle of the property. This now stands as the main building of the Lyn Aire Motel.

Memories of a young family on the Lyn Aire property are abundant from the early years, especially for our repeat guests who grew up alongside us.  Winters were snowy and reserved for fun and ice skating.  John would turn the current game pavilion into an ice rink each year for the kids.  But when Summer arrived returning customers were greeted with the same warmth and gratitude, as always.

To this day, the Lyn Aire Motel prides itself on a family oriented atmosphere.  A beautiful outdoor pool, large fields and a playground, picnic yards and an outdoor gaming pavilion create a fun, family focused stay with all the main attractions of the Lake George region within a 1-3 mile radius.  Furthermore, cleanliness and the best of ratings with Trip Advisor are annual guarantees.The Lyn Aire Motel is a quality resort with a true commitment to its customers and families.

We look forward to hosting you and your family!

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